Patents and Updates


An update about our disruptive cryocoolers technology

Our second patent has been approved in the United States (review the patent application here), and we want to take the opportunity to share an update: A fully owned subsidiary of Gevasol, we have accomplished a significant milestone in developing disruptive cryocooler technology, aiming at the low-SWaP market at a low-cost point.

Our one-of-a-kind, fully patented cryocooler has passed environmental tests in a temperature chamber. It thus proves its full performance in terms of the requirements of significant detector system houses with whom we are in touch.

Based on this high confidence in the product, we plan to finalize complete performance tests at our laboratories and the site of a major customer.

Concurrently, we plan to construct a manufacturing facility, enabling mass production at a very low cost compared to the compatible cryocoolers targeting the low-SWaP market.